Hello, I'm Lindsey. Welcome to my Elf Playroom which could be a place for young kids to play in, but recently became the place for me to be safe from harm. The picture to the left is of me and the credit goes to Jake Paws for drawing this picture. I am a fairy or an elf and have lovely strawberry blond hair, which means it is a cross between a blond and has some little red in it, a very bright color. I have blue or blue-green eyes and very pale skin with freckles sprinkled across my nose. I have on a shirt, a very simple dress that is very pale green. Very simple but also elegant. I am a very lovely little girl, and very sweet also. which is supposive a place for young kids to play in, but recently became the place for me to be safe from harm.
       I was discovered by Erik Mouse when he was coming back up the street and I was on the sidewalk. While I was on the sidewalk, Erik Mouse saw me and I was saying that my name is Lindsey. As Erik Mouse continued walking up the sidewalk, I began folling him back to his home. When we got to his home, Erik Mouse turned around to see that I was with him. After Erik Mouse saw that I followed him home, he went somewhere and I went to go play with legos. While I was playing with the legos, I started making some sort of castle and Erik Mouse came back up to me to see what I was building. Soon, his mom came along and she wanted to know if my mom would be looking for me and that I needed to go home. Hearing that, I turned and told Erik Mouse's Mom that I didn't want to go back hom because of the inhuman torture that I went through back there.
       After hearing what I said, Erik Mouse's Mom responded to me that she didn't want me going back to my mean mom. Then she told me to go get in the car as she was going to take me to Erik Mouse's Grandma's House to be safe. As I was preparing to go get in the car, my mean mom with some of her friends came along to get me and it began to look difficult getting me out of there. Seeing this, Erik Mouse's Mom went to try to get me out of there fast, but unfortunately my mean mom grabbed me and took me up to a high loft that was only reachable by stairs. Seeing what has happened, Erik Mouse's Mom told Erik Mouse to go up the stairs to try to get me back while she needed to go get something. Then Erik Mouse came up the stairs to attempt to get me back. As Erik Mouse came up the stairs, he ended up with some sort of problem and needed to get something to help him out there. Then, Erik Mouse left and went inside his house to get what he needed.
       At this point, my mean mom took me away to some place away from Erik Mouse. When I was rescued, I was told of what happened after I was taken away. After I was taken away, Erik Mouse was upstairs with one of his sisters when he realized that he needed to go help me. When he realized that he needed to go help me, he went back downstairs and outside. By the time Erik Mouse got back outside, I and my mean mom were already gone. Afterward, Erik Mouse's Mom came back and became upset with Erik Mouse letting me get taken away by my mean mom. Soon, Erik Mouse's Mom stopped being upset with Erik Mouse and lead him out towards the alley. As they were coming towards the alley, Erik Mouse's Mom stopped by a neighbor to ask which way did my mean mom and her friends go when she took me away. The neighbor didn't seem to be able to answer and Erik Mouse and his mom headed out into the alley.
       When they went out to the alley, Erik Mouse and his mom realized that they weren't sure which way my mean mom and her friends gone with me. Soon, Erik Mouse went into the field across the alley thinking about a friend that he knows namely Yotewah and needing her help on this. Later, Erik Mouse told Yotewah about all that has happened. In response, Yotewah said that she will go to me ASAP and that she thinks that I need to get to either Erik Mouse's Grandma's House or to the forest near there by the yard. Yotewah also said that she had the feeling that my real home is in the castle like the one I was making a model of with the legos, and that she thinks that the forest guardian can help me. These were Yotewah's gut reactions at the time, and then she went to help me. When Yotewah found and met me, someone or something bad came after me, but she was able to send it away fairly easily.
       Afterward, I went to be safe with Yotewah for a time. While I was staying with her, she put me under her protection by putting something on me that would let her know if something was again coming after me to hurt me. I stayed with her until I felt like moving on to the forest guardian. When I felt like moving on to the forest guardian, I left and went to a place somewhere in the forest which later became this Elf Playroom. This ends this story of how I was discovered by Erik Mouse. There were other encounters I had with bad somethings and somethings, but that would be another story. Currently, Erik Mouse is planning on making a plush doll version of me with the same necklaces that the plush Kane Fox has, which is soon to be mentioned here.

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is called "Good Friends".

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please e-mail me, Lindsey Elf.

Disclaimer: The character Lindsey the Elf Child is copyright © 2003 - 2004 Kingdom of Miracles. The contents and character(s) of this page are based on a dream with a possible young spirit guide that Erik Mouse had which can be viewed by clicking here, and are not intended to portray any real people or events in the real world. All similarities to any persons or fursons living or dead, or events past or current, are unintentional and purely coincidental.